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  • Some comments made by readers …

    ... Woo hoo! Mondays just got a whole lot better now that you’re featuring chocolate in some shape or form each week. It’s my favorite food group, after all...

    ... We prepared the “Fathers Day Brunch” on Sunday. It was a big hit! I was amazed at the light and very tasty pancakes. It looks like your recipes are going to keep me busy!...

    ... The [Chocolate Crinkle] cookies look beautiful. First bite brings a sensational experience to the pallet. Slightly crunchy exterior at first, then the moist interior with a burst of chocolate flavor through out my mouth. The flavors lingers long enough that I feel I must have another bite to experience it all again...

    ... This chicken is delicious. So tender, even the breast meat, with a hint of onion and lemon. Definitely a keeper...

    ... Just had my first bite and WOW! I think this is the best homemade brownie i have ever tasted. Great chocolate flavor with the right amount of sweetness. And the fudgy consistency is perfect! ...

    ... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the glossary. I’ve “heard” these terms but never have I seen them in print. Keep ‘em coming! ...

    ... I made this pasta sauce this past weekend...what can I say, it was delicious! I added fresh zuchinni and eggplant for a vegetarian style meal like you suggested. Topping the pasta dish with fresh basil from my "Swiss" herb garden made the sauce perfect! ...

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Ingredients for Chocolate Monday, July 12th

This week’s Chocolate Monday recipe is a fun Italian treat. When I married my Italian husband, I had never made this dessert and I knew I had to learn how. Now it is one of my favorites. Not nearly as challenging as I thought it would be, you will discover how easy it is to make. The name is usually mispronounced, but after Monday, you’ll know the right way to say it, LOL!

Gee, what could it be? Come back on Monday to find out!

Add to your shopping list:

2 cups All-Purpose Flour
3/4 cups top-quality Cocoa Powder
4 Large Eggs
1 cup Granulated Sugar
1 cup Almonds
3/4 cup Chocolate Chips

Coarse or crystal sugar such as Raw, Turbinado, or Demerara

Baking Soda
Vanilla Extract
Almond Extract


Coconut Pecan Macaroon Cookies

When The Bakers’ Dozen, San Francisco organization was compiling their cookbook, I was lucky enough to be a tester for the Coconut Macaroon cookies. It was my first professional recipe testing and I was thrilled. I have tested hundreds of recipes since then, but like anything else in life, your first is the most special! The use of unsweetened coconut is the real secret – the cookies are dryer, cook more evenly, and aren’t cloyingly sweet. They are by far the best macaroons I’ve ever had and I’m certain they will become a family favorite for you too.

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Chocolate Monday! Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cupcakes seem like the perfect dessert. Small and easily transported, they work for children’s birthday parties or wedding receptions and they have built-in portion control! Cupcake shops are popping up everywhere, and I am thrilled. I love stopping in and instead of being limited to just one flavor, I can pick several. If I’m having friends over for dinner, I can offer them an assortment of desserts. I like variety and cupcakes are perfect for that! Continue reading

Choc Mon – Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mint Chip Ice Cream with Chocolate

Next weekend is the Fourth of July, one of my favorite holidays. I can spend weeks figuring out what I want to serve at a party. Books will be scattered all over the living room and I comb through them looking for things I can make ahead, that are somewhat traditional, and yet have an interesting twist. This week I’ll be sharing some of my favorites for entertaining on hot days, especially when there are fireworks in the evening! What are some of your favorites to take on picnics or to summer parties?

Today’s recipe is for Ice Cream Sandwiches, a favorite from childhood, yet with a change from the normal vanilla ice cream. You can use any ice cream or cookie flavor that you like, I’m sharing recipes for mint chip ice cream and chocolate cookies. You could use chocolate chip cookies and fill them with chocolate ice cream, or orange cookies with vanilla, or sugar cookies with strawberry. The combinations are nearly endless. What sounds fun to you?

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Buttery Scones with Lemon Curd

Cream scones with strawberry jam

Northern California is truly an amazing place to live. We have something for everyone. Within a few hours drive, you can enjoy the sights in San Francisco, walk on the beach, go fishing in a river, hike in a redwood forest, go water or snow skiing, or wander through some of the most incredible vineyards in the nation. It costs a fortune to live here but every time we think about moving somewhere else, we stop and look around. Where else could we go and have the same diversity? Those of us lucky enough to have been born here already have a glimpse of what Heaven must be like.

My husband loves to get out on his bicycle – he averages about 30 miles per ride – and looks for charity events to participate in. One of his favorites is a tour of the Sonoma wine country. Winding through vineyards on country roads, enjoying the crisp morning air scented with the promise of a warm afternoon. It begins and ends in the bucolic town of Healdsburg. Full of boutiques, upscale restaurants with talented chefs, and Bed and Breakfasts, it is one of the gems of Sonoma County.

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Choc Monday – Luscious Dark Chocolate Mousse

Today is my wedding anniversary … James and I have been married for 12 years! I waited a very long time to get married. My friends told me I was being too picky, but I knew that when I met the man I was supposed to be with, I would know it in my heart. And I was right. From the time we met, James and I have been nearly inseparable. We have been very fortunate, and though sometimes the road has been challenging, I wouldn’t change any of it.

James is the quintessential chocoholic. He lives, breathes, and dreams chocolate. If chocolate is on the menu, you can bet that it will be what he orders. For years there was a wonderful little French bistro in our town and we ate there every New Year’s Eve. No one could make a better or more intense chocolate dessert than Claude and Dominique – and yes, James ordered it every year! In honor of my wonderful husband, I can’t think of a better recipe for this week’s Chocolate Monday than a deep, dark, luscious chocolate mousse.

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Orange-Glazed Pound Cake

The smell of citrus always brings a smile to my face. Whether it is the scent of the flowering blossoms or cutting into a fresh lemon, lime, or orange, I light up with delight. There is something so pure and clean about the aroma of fresh citrus. I guess that is why it is so often added to cleaning products. When I want to freshen the air in our home, I fill a saucepan with water and float some citrus slices in it. Then I bring it to a boil and it perfumes the entire house. This is a great trick when you have guests arriving!

Since we had lemon pudding last week, I thought today I would make this Orange-Glazed Pound Cake, but you are welcome to use whichever flavor your prefer, or a combination of both!

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